Flow from lunch to lunges to lounges without ever changing your pants.

YURI = transparency ("glass" in Korean) YASA = the linking of one place to the next

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Hey gorgeous

A bit about me

When I moved to SF, my Fendi’s and (faux) furs took a backseat to yoga pants and loose tops. Very quickly, that yoga ‘uniform’ of leggings and the same old sports bra got boring. Yoga clothes are arguably the norm for many of us, and I realized how terribly blasé and clone-like I had become to everyone else walking around the streets in that same uniform.

I was determined to figure out a way to wear active clothes that inspired and excited me, that I can comfortably wear both to yoga classes and dinner dates. I wanted the same level of confidence I get when I wear my leather jacket and Alexander Wang anything, which always made me feel like a badass wherever I went.

And a lot for you

Our clothes go directly from our ethically run factories to your door. There’s no middle-man, which means you are saving a lot of $ by not buying our product through another retailer. You’re truly getting what you pay for and then some.

And you’re right there with us in promoting environmentally friendly practices and happy workers.

But there's more to life than fashion and clothes

One of the main reasons for starting YURIYASA was to use it as a platform to support Women's education and rights. Every item you buy, a portion goes directly to organizations who stand behind this cause.

We’re releasing new product that you’ll be able to pair back to your pants in the Spring. Make sure you get on the mailing list so you get the news first! Or, there’s always the waiting list but who wants to wait?

Our clothes have something to say

YURIYASA Jaden Yoga Pant

RULE #1: Feeling unabashedly, uniquely yourself is one everyone deserves

Our designs are inspired by the streets: the dream-chasers we admire who grind by day and groove straight into the night: whether it’s with a vinyasa class, a wine glass, maybe both.

RULE #2: Getting dressed every morning should be effortless, yet excite you for the day ahead

Our pants are the roots of your wardrobe so you can wake up: pair them with anything in your closet and instantly set your style free. 

That white button-up you bought as a capsule staple, but still has the tags attached. Those metallic heels you always pair with ripped jeans. Your favorite yoga crop top. 

RULE #3: Clothes should fit you well and move with you

From morning stand-up meetings to sit-down dinner dates, our collection will save you the daily styling strategy session you have in front of your closet.

RULE #4: Transcend trends

Blending fashion-forward design and innovative functionality; these pants are just the beginning to our collection comprised of timeless silhouettes that are flattering and constructed to last. So go ahead and do those standing splits worry-free; your seams are secure with us.

We are committed to using thoughtfully-sourced fashionable tech fabric that compresses, breathes, and supports you where and when you need the support and gives you the room you need when you’re on the move. We also partner with local factories that specialize in performance gear to stress-test and engineer garments of the highest quality. 


Vote with your dollar

Investing in our collective future

For every pant purchased by you, a portion of the proceeds will support Womens Rights & Education around the world so we can all celebrate our unique identities in a safe and supportive space. By purchasing a piece from us you’re voting with your dollars and we want you to know that we’re invested in you; because we're all about making a long-term investment in badass women of the future.

Ethically aligned partnerships

We are committed to ensuring that our factory partners are incentivizing and empowering their workers, as well as providing appropriate compensation and working conditions. By being selective in where we produce and who we partner with, we are able to be the change that we want to see in the fashion industry. We believe in the transference of energy through objects and we continuously work to improve the lives of all those that touch a YURIYASA garment; from our garment sewers all the way to you. We’re all in this together.

Eco-conscious and sustainable practices

Our small-batch production pieces are often offered as pre-sale items; this not only helps us to fund our production, it also ensures that no energy, resources, or material will go to waste. We work to provide our customers with limited runs of beautifully crafted garments that will last years to come; an investment piece that you can love and live in. From the fabric, thread, trims, to the packaging; we continue to develop new and innovative processes in lowering our impact on the environment.