Not Another Legging Brand

Time to re-think the yoga pant.


IT’S TIME. Time to re-think the yoga pant. Time to air out our dressers and closets of the leggings and sports bras because we need a breathe of fresh fashionable choices.

we’ve got to step up the yoga apparel game

Here’s the thing- The thought of wearing comfortable clothes all day everyday turns my RBF into one of bliss. But, as someone who loves fashion and using clothes to express myself, I am sitting here scrolling through pages and pages of yoga pants, bored AF ya’ll. Look, I own plenty of leggings and there’s a time and place for them. But here we are in 2017 where people are wearing yoga clothes to the office and happy hour. Meaning, we’ve got to step up the yoga apparel game. The “norm” is changing, so let’s do something fun and different with how we wear yoga clothes without sacrificing our sense of style. It won’t be glaringly obvious that you’re wearing yoga pants to a brunch date. Because you’ll simply be wearing a cute pair of pants that you could conveniently hop over to yoga class in (if you want).

comfortable and chic

For all those times you want to be comfortable but chic with your booty looking good but not hanging out.

The idea for the Hot Short style (the ‘Jaden’) came to me one pride weekend night during savasana. This one idea evolved and expanded into so much beyond just the clothes but what they represent. Freedom from feeling constricted not only in the body but in the mind. Clothes that we love to wear because they feel good on our bodies and we feel confident in them.

fashion-driven while fitness-friendly

YURIYASA clothes represents the fluidity of life, not feeling stagnant and stuck, with the ability to move with flexibility. Clothes we want to wear because they’re fashion-driven while fitness-friendly in the highest quality technical fabrics that feel soft to the skin.

We think it’s time for a non-legging yoga pant, don’t you?