I AM... Gina Florio

The first of the 'I AM' series about inspired humans who share what drives them, their roles in life and what keeps them sane. From their stories, we can see a reflection into ourselves because ultimately, we have more in common than not.

your absolute truth with no apologies...No shame. Only realness.

My favorite mantra to repeat daily is 'So Ham' which translates directly to 'I AM that'. These simple words help recognize your absolute truth with no apologies. Where you actually are in this exact moment mentally, physically and spiritually, and that it’s ALL GOOD. No shame. Only realness. No shoulds, woulds or coulds. The worthy recognition of all the highs and lows you’ve experienced throughout your life because you’re a total sum of all its parts and there is no one else like you. That you create your narrative because there are too many roles we each play for anyone else to define you. Because all the emotions - whether they make you happy, angry, intoxicated or confused - all deserve attention.

Case in point: I wake up after a night of bingeing on chocolate chip cookies and reality TV shows, feeling like a broke version of Fiona (if you don't know who Fiona the hippo is, google her 😍). I sit my butt down on my living room floor and repeat 'I AM [fill in blank] over and over to myself:

“I AM resilient. I AM the cookie monster. I AM frustrated. I AM beautiful. I AM tired [from my sugar crash]. I AM determined [to live today like it’s the best day]. I AM passionate. I AM strong [because I say 'not today' to microaggression and mansplaining].”

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Gina Florio, fitness editor at POPSUGAR, yoga teacher and burn victim survivor, lets us in on her secrets to getting happy and where she wears our pants:

I AM Gina. I AM determined [to bring awareness to inequality around the world and animal cruelty]. I AM passionate [about getting strong physically and mentally while dominating weights at the gym].

YY: How do you unwind?

GF: I love to cook and bake. I also meditate, do yoga, go to the beach and love to find a good hike. During my downtime I'll post up at a cute cafe while reading the next book for my monthly book club.

YY: What makes you happy?

GF: Making vegan food for people at my house and watching them enjoy every bite. And I love to work out! 

YY: What troubles you?

GF: Animal agriculture is the leading cause of climate change and people are too stubborn to face that fact. I also can't understand how people can own and love their pets, yet turn around and eat dead animals that have been tortured and slaughtered for no reason whatsoever. It's very disturbing and upsetting to me.

I’ve never had a pair of athleisure pants that I can wear both to yoga and out to dinner!

YY: What is your favorite thing about our pants?

GF: I love that they have such a unique look to them, and for me it is IMPOSSIBLE to find pants that are the right length on my short legs. But these were absolutely perfect — they even made my legs look longer and leaner. I also love the waistband and how flattering it is. They look great casual but also perfect for dressing up. As I’m saying all this, I still can't believe how stylish they are! I've never had a pair of athleisure pants that I can wear both to yoga and out to dinner!

I feel sexy as hell and much taller than I actually am.

YY: How do you feel when you wear them?

GF: Honestly I feel sexy as hell and much taller than I actually am. I'm also wildly comfortable in them; I don't feel like I'm being suffocated by a pair of tight leggings/pants.

YY: When and where are you wearing them?

GF: I've worn them to a friend's party, to yoga, and to brunch. I’m excited to wear them to work because they’re totally work appropriate, to literally any and every social event I go to. They are gorgeous.

much higher quality than the other yoga/fitness pants I’ve worn.
Gina is wearing the Sasha pants

Gina is wearing the Sasha pants

YY: What were your first thoughts when you tried them on?

GF: They’re much higher quality than the other yoga/fitness pants I've worn. Thoughtful design, durable, and fashionable. They solved one of my biggest pet peeves during yoga - didn't have to tug or adjust anything at all, which was a huge relief and let me focus on the poses.

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