The One Yoga Pants Every Girl Needs

We wouldn’t be surprised if somewhere in the world there is a nudist community that does yoga stark bare in their birthday suits. But since that’s not quite here where you and I are at, we’re going to assume that most of you do your yoga in a top and a pair of pants.

But wait – today we’re not talking just any kind of pants. We’re talking about the one yoga pants every girl needs, the extremely rare and elusive mythical pair of pants that promises comfort, confidence and chic…ness, all in one. A pair of pants so subtle and yet so sophisticated, it can go from understated to loud and proud, depending on how you want to style it. Your yoga pants really needs to do soooooooooo much more than just cover up your behind, so it’s good to know what to look out for when buying one. Here are 9 things the ideal yoga pants should do for you.

1. It moves with you

This seems like a no-brainer but your yoga pants needs to move along with you as you flow from one asana to another. It shouldn’t feel too tight or too stiff, or hinder your body from saluting the sun. Also, you should be able to do the entire yoga class in it. If you have no problems with most of the poses but then struggle bending over in a downward dog, for example, then it’s not a good fit.

2. It keeps you covered

Naturally in any yoga practice there are going to be some leg-opening, butt-sticking-outing, legs everywhere moves where the last thing you want to do is worry about accidentally flashing your next mat neighbor. A good pair of yoga pants will always give you peace of mind by keeping you well-covered at all times. This also means that the material shouldn’t be so transparent everything is on display. Mesh can be gorgeous and it’s alright as long as it’s only where your legs are and not in the groin area.

3. It stays on your legs

Imagine doing the halasana or plough pose and instead of in front of you where your legs are, your pants are gathered in a pool by your sides. Sometimes we’re so fixated on making sure the waistband or thigh area fits that we totally forget that yoga pants need to fit around your legs too. Whether there is a band around your ankles, or the material sticks close, you want your pants to remain as pants throughout the whole session and not suddenly turn into a hula skirt.

4. It breathes

With all that physical activity and perspiration, your pants needs to be breathable, dry quickly, wick moisture, and leave you feeling cool and confident. Not every material is the same, so make sure you pick out one that keeps you fresh. The last thing you want is to smell like you’ve been wearing the same yoga clothes all week!

5. It stays up

Women everywhere have struggled with waistbands from hell on all kinds of pants. They roll down or bunch up or get all twisted – whatever it is, it’s almost like they’re programmed not to stay on your waist! Waistbands have one simple job, so test out pants until you find one that stays where it should be.

6. It is the right length

We all come in different shapes and sizes – and lengths – but it almost seems rare for yoga pants to come in different lengths. But it’s essential to get a pair of pants that suits your length perfectly so that the hems of your pants don’t get in the way of your movements, or have you tripping and falling face first (thankfully yoga uses a mat!). Preferably, yoga pants should also come in petite and tall/long variations to cater to lovely legs of all lengths.

7. It keeps things hidden

We’re talking about the dreaded panty-related things like VPL or camel-toe! *shudder* We all hate them, and we know we avoid pants like that like the plague, running out of the changing room even. Yes, yoga pants should hug your curves, but only in a flattering way!

8. It doesn’t look like you’ve wet yourself

Some colours look worse off than others by the time your yoga session comes to a close. If the material of your pants absorbs loads of moisture, it can really look nasty the way the colour of your pants has darkened due to all that sweat. That’s one reason why black yoga pants are always a popular choice – they mask unsightly sweat stains!

9. It’s stylish

Not because we’re concerned about looking good during yoga classes itself, but because let’s face it, we’re all busy girls and we’re always rushing from work to yoga to a social life – who has time to change? Wouldn’t it be just perfect if we had a pair of yoga pants that looked as good in boat pose as it does partying on a yacht?

Don’t worry, we’re not actually going to leave you hanging. We can confidently tell you that these are things to look out for in a pair of yoga pants because we know with certainty they exist! Yuriyasa’s yoga pants are the most stylish and comfortable yoga pants you will ever wear. In fact, you might never want to wear another pair of pants anywhere ever again – in bed, at home, at work, or on the streets!

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