Here’s a quick way to de-stress anytime during your crazy schedule

@tinamariespogli - yoga teacher hailing from NY and currently in the Bay Area is wearing the  YURIYASA V-Short Pants .

@tinamariespogli - yoga teacher hailing from NY and currently in the Bay Area is wearing the YURIYASA V-Short Pants.

Do you ever dream of wiping your calendar clean and running to the other side of the world to escape all the stresses and anxieties you manage throughout the day?

My own anxiety has been a constant in my life and it seems to never go away. Feeling so overwhelmed that I start panicking. Worrying so much that I can’t sleep. Mindlessly eating to get those doses of serotonin working.

*stares wide eyed at my google calendar*- Can I just breathe?

*stares wide eyed at my boss/client- Can you just let me live?

When you feel that anxiety bubbling up and find yourself wanting to reach for coffee, a glass of wine, speed texting an angry message - take a breath and try this yoga pose. You’ll feel better before even a minute goes by.

Sukhasana/Easy Seated Pose

“Sukha” - comfortable, easy / “Asana” - pose

Sukhasana is an accessible and easy yoga pose especially helpful for our modern world. Mentally, because our minds need peace and calm. Physically, because looking at our phones and laptops all day requires us to counterbalance our spines.

This is a simple way to take a moment to yourself in so many ways:

  • Right before you sleep or right after you wake up.

  • Before a big presentation.

  • During lunch break.

  • Waiting for your partner to get ready. (I’m always the one my partner waits for 🤷)

How to do the pose:

  1. Sit on a folded blanket or cushion and cross your legs. If you’re hips aren’t higher than your knees, elevate your seat until your hips are higher than your knees.

  2. Place your hands on your knees.Palms up helps a feeling of opening up. Palms down helps with a feeling of grounding).

  3. Balance your weight evenly across your seat. Lengthen your spine as you feel taller. Soften your shoulders and neck.

  4. Let your legs, feet and eyes relax.

  5. Sit as long as you need to, then try crossing lets so you feel balanced on both sides.

Amazing to loosen tight hips and strengthen your back, knees and ankles. I’m sure we all know how much strength we need in our legs as we’re constantly speed walking from one thing to the next.

To make this even more amazing, new posts for neck pain and digestive system will be posted soon.

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