Our Story

Hey Gorgeous

A bit about me

When I moved to SF, my Fendi’s and (faux) furs took a backseat to yoga pants and loose tops. Very quickly, that yoga ‘uniform’ of leggings and the same old sports bra got boring. Yoga clothes are arguably the norm for many of us, and I realized how terribly blasé and clone-like I had become to everyone else walking around the streets in that same uniform.

I was determined to figure out a way to wear active clothes that inspired and excited me, that I can comfortably wear both to yoga classes and dinner dates. I wanted the same level of confidence I get when I wear my leather jacket and Alexander Wang anything, which always made me feel like a badass wherever I went.

And a lot for you

Our clothes go directly from our ethically run factories to your door. There’s no middle-man, which means you are saving a lot of $ by not buying our product through another retailer. You’re truly getting what you pay for and then some.

And you’re right there with us in promoting environmentally friendly practices and happy workers.

But there's more to life than fashion or yoga

One of the main reasons for starting YURIYASA was to use it as a platform to support Women's education and rights. Every item you buy, a portion goes directly to organizations who stand behind this cause.

We’re releasing new product that you’ll be able to pair back to your pants in the Spring. Make sure you get on the mailing list so you get the release dates first!