Customer Reviews

"They look great casual but also perfect for dressing up. I feel sexy as hell and much taller than I actually am. I'm also wildly comfortable in them; I don't feel like I'm being suffocated by a pair of tight leggings/pants.

Much higher quality than other yoga/fitness pants. Thoughtful design, durable, and fashionable. They solved one of my biggest pet peeves during yoga - didn't have to tug or adjust anything at all, which was a huge relief and let me focus on the poses."

-Gina Florio, Fitness Editor at POPSUGAR


"I've worn these to Wanderlust Yoga Festival, on a 12-hr flight, at an ad agency, exploring Norway and Spain, teaching yoga and throwing on heels to go straight to a fancy dinner. From practicing yoga, straight to a coffee date - they truly are the LBP of my wardrobe (little black pant, duh)."

-Marianne Velonis, Yoga Teacher and Brand Strategist


"They stay in place, beautiful and quite sturdy. Definitely one of a kind. I also have a little bit of a mama belly (well, not terribly noticeable), but I feel more confidant in these."

-Mary Cognat - Badass Mama, Health Counselor, IT Consultant, aspiring Yoga Teacher and Reiki Practitioner


"I love how conforming they are to my body, especially the belly part. Also the style is unique yet versatile which matches my personal style." 

-Corrine Goh, Real Estate Agent and Fashion Influencer